Thursday, 15 June 2017

Hannah @ South Hornby School: How to get a book out, on your chormebook or lapto...

Hannah @ South Hornby School: How to get a book out, on your chormebook or lapto...

Hannah has been struggling to find books in the library when she wants them. She's found a way to get around that by accessing them online, through her library card account. Some of her classmates were interested in finding out how to access them, so Hannah used Screen castify to share how to do it.

Playing with learning

Oscar has been creating a Story book... in fact, he has actually made three books in one! He wasn't sure how to publish, but had another ide for a story... so he has created three stories in one book!
He used Story bird to do it.
Leave a comment on his blog to tell him what you think of it

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Mau rakau

We had a special guest today to help us with our Mahi. 

He delivered the message of striving to get to tau Mata tiki tiki- to reach your potential.

Our first lesson was to hold our rakau correctly. Whakapaipai. Green at the top, red stone the bottom.

We headed out onto the court, on a chilly Canterbury morning, where we could spread out and have plenty of room to move with our rakau.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Positive Relationships

"Co-operation is a team operation. Side by side we will not divide."

It was a bit awkward putting our arm around somebody else's shoulder, but we got over it.
We got in a circle, then had to hold the hand/arm of a person in the circle, but is not beside you. We then had to take somebody by the left hand. Finally, we had to untangle ourselves without letting go. We weren't listening properly... And we let go!
Second time around, we got there... But it was a real test of our respectful communication.

We talked about how we need to co-operate when we play sport. We can't do it on our own in a team sport. We need to work together to succeed.
Tuesday afternoons we split into kapahaka & STEM. Both of them require lots of co-operation. Positive communication goes really well with co-operation.

Our next activity... We needed to co-operate to to get our whole team on a piece of paper, without falling on the Lino. Once we did that, we could fold the paper in half to see if we could co-operate to solve the problem.

Collaboration... Working together to achieve a common goal.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Stepping up with leadership

One of our new Whakarua class members is playing hockey for the very first time. 

Erika, from Ponui-o-toka, took the time to show Joanne how to hold her stick and hit the ball. 
It was fantastic to see her taking the initiative to be there for a new South Hornby Hero!

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Black sticks in action

Our first week of Winter Sport has kicked off.

We got stuck in and played hard.

Most of us had never played before, while the other team had some really good player So! 
Final score: 4 - 1 to Weedons.

Whakarua Heroes

Lucas and Reuben both received Hero awards in our celebration assembly today.