Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Smile, wave and move on.

This morning, we talked about how we deal with situations when people might not treat us very well.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Time animation

We have been learning about time. We are reading analogue and digital clocks.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Batter up!

Tessa, from Softball New Zealand, has been out taking us for a coaching clinic today.
We have learning the finer points on throwing, fielding, batting and base running.
We had a lot of fun too!
batting flat

Friday, 31 March 2017

Mau Rakau

Our second session with Matua Sonny and Tuahine Tui.
We watched a video where Matua Puata introduces us to the Rakau.

We were reminded that the Arero never touches the ground. 

Tuhakanoa is our beginning stance.

Toru paepae - it's a karakia position, so your head is bowed.
We are only learning defensive movements in the style of Te Arawa.
Hawaiiki tu - we raise it high. It speaks of the journey to New Zealand.

No (on guard) - we push our rakau forward and step back with our right foot.

We all know that Maui is a mischief boy, so "Maui is never right!"
Maui = Left 
Matau = right

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Having Fun with learning

Our Math warm up today was a Kahoot. It was a refresher on the Fractions that we have been learning about.
It's great to see new people on our podium!
We like making learning fun, by making a game out of it, to see how much of our learning is sinking in. It also reminds us of where we are making the mistakes so we can improve.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Creating Pathways to Grow Heroes

Today Mr M brought in a board with 4 versions of the Mascot Concept for our new School.
"Wonder Weka" is the character. The Weka is a bird which used to be found in our Hornby area, long before buildings were here. It features on our Kapa Haka uniforms already.

We got to vote for the one we liked. We then had to explain to Mr M what we liked about it.

Wonder Weka 1:
"He looks like an adventurer."
 "He has a hat on, and we have to have a hat on so we don't get burnt in the sun."

Wonder Weka 2:
"I like the fact that he is taller."
"I like the kite and the name."
"He looks prouder."
"I like that the belt is a bit smaller."

Wonder Weka 3:
"The kite's bigger on it's own."
"I like the fact that he looks bigger."
"He looks stronger."
"It looks like he can persist."
"His thumbs are bigger."
"I like the mask. He looks like an actual super hero."

Wonder Weka 4:
"I like the big belt."

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Respectful Communication

Holy Moly... Guacamole!

Beginning with a bit of role play... We got into four groups, each stationed by a chair. Nicky told us an object, and we had t work as a team to make that object. We had a chair in case we needed to get higher (instead of using a body to stand on.
Make a tree
A Spring flower opening 
An erupting volcano
A bus stop
Kiwican says "Its not just what you say, it's how you say it."

What were some nice things that you heard last week?

What are some of the ways that we communicate?
- We talk to each other.
- Blog posts and comments.
- Email and text message.

What are the rules about what we put online?
- Not putting full names on there.
- If you're putting a comment, it needs to be thoughtful, helpful and positive.

We need to remember that if it's written online, then it's there for a lot longer than if it were spoken. Theres no body language or tone of voice to give people extra clues about the message it's sending.

We got back into our groups to do our next activity.

In Slow motion:
"One person in your group gets an award that you wanted. How do you react?"

Can't stop dancing:
Your group of friends are playing together and you see a student playing alone. What do you do?

We had to Mime:
A group of students are being rude to the teacher... What do you do?
As animals:
You see this student being picked on by two other students. What do you do?